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What services do we offer for your local Interreg Cooperation Day event?

Interreg Day

09 July 24 3 minutes read

Are you planning your local event for Interreg Cooperation Day? We are here to help! Here’s a summary of the services and resources we provide to ensure your event runs smoothly.

1. Promotional video 2024

Kick off your event with our engaging promotional video. It's a great way to introduce the day and get everyone excited about participating. You can watch it here:

2. Guide for your local events 2024

Our comprehensive guide for this year is packed with all the information you need. It includes step-by-step instructions, helpful tips, list of original ideas for your local event and much more:

4. Visual materials

We provide a complete package of visual materials such as logos, banners, and icons. You can easily download then from this link:

5. Joint social media campaign 2024

We invite you to participate in our 2024 joint social media campaign to maximize the impact of your Interreg Day local events! This paid service, offered by Interact, is designed to help you reach thousands of people by enhancing your social media posts. Contact to be part of it.

6. website

Send an article about your event to and we will upload it to the website to give it the maximum visibility possible!

7. Post-27 consultation with citizens

This year’s theme is “EU Values Overcoming Borders,” highlighting the importance of cooperation and unity. In the unique context of this year’s Post-27 consultation with citizens, we provide recommendations on leveraging your Interreg Day event to conduct the consultation and gather relevant information.

8. Presentations

  1. Kick-off event- campaign preparations:
  2. Joint Social Media campaign:

By using these resources and services, you can ensure your Interreg Cooperation Day event is impactful, engaging and well-organised. We are excited to see how you will bring this year's theme to life in your community!

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