Cooperation can be complex;
our job is to make it easier.

Harmonised branding

Interreg is more than a funding mechanism, it is a community who work together with a shared vision of a making Europe better, a Europe where working together for joint solutions is the way to tackle shared challenges, where a culture of cooperating across borders is natural, and where diversity is a strength which enriches our shared territory. 

The Interreg harmonised brand was built through a co-creation process, with the aim to build one shared identity for Interreg as a community. This shared identity serves to enhance the visibility and perception of all individual Interreg programmes within the wider EU funding structures, and especially to make it easier for citizens and stakeholders to see the unique contribution of many Interreg programmes in a common way.

The core of the Interreg brand is the shared logo built on the regulatory requirements. It is supported by a Brand Manual setting out default fonts, colours and brand expression that helps programmes build complementary identities within a wider framework of the Interreg Community.

The Interact own identity is built this way, and enhanced through our 'Interreg, by Interact' brand materials which Interact uses as the basis for our work to promote Interreg, and are offered for inspiration and use by others.   

Where to start

The new Interreg Brand Design Manual has been created and responsed to the new guidelines and regulations and ensure a harmonised approach across Interreg.

Supporting the Brand manual is an underlying Brand Strategy Manual and Brand Narrative.  

Also look at the Interreg, by Interact resources which can help you in your work.

What we are working on

A session at the Interreg Knowledge Fair is planned to explore the challenges of implementing the branding, and reviewing the opportunities to repair, improve or amend the regulations and practices around the harmonised brand.


For more information please contact Kevin Fulcher.

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Exchange Community

Interact offers an online space for those working in Interreg Communication to share information and exchange. If you would like to learn more about this, please contact Nebojsa Nikolic.

If you are already a member of the Community, you can access it here.