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Jems | Joint Electronic Monitoring System

The Joint Electronic Monitoring System, or Jems, is the harmonised monitoring and reporting software for Interreg developed by Interact. Interact offers Jems on a free-license basis. Programmes can take Jems ‘as is’ to customise the system for their needs by, e.g., building plug-ins in addition to the core system or using the source code as inspiration for their monitoring systems.

Jems is built with the support of a Core group that has been actively involved in the implementation of the project and supported the agile development process, which helped prioritise features and ensure the delivery timeline corresponded to programme needs.

52 license agreements have been signed to use Jems in 2021-2027, meaning it supports the e-monitoring of most programmes in the current period. Furthermore, Interact expects more License agreements to be signed in 2024 as altogether 56 programmes expressed their willingness to join Jems community.

Where to start

To learn more about starting with Jems, check out our info sheet.

Programmes can still request a license or the source code and sign a license agreement. Please do so by contacting us at jems[at] Please refer to the document above to learn the exact steps. 

What we are working on

The core development of the software will end with the two upcoming releases: the ninth in January 2024, followed by the 10th Release at the end of March.

Further releases scheduled until the end of 2024 may enhance the system and offer additional features to bring value to Interreg programmes.

However, the primary work now is to support the wider Jems community in understanding what features can be developed and shared among the community. Interact offers regular meetings, like User group meetings to review the work undertaken and help programmes coordinate the development of additional features through Plug-ins. 

Want to stay up to date

You can also access many resources through the dedicated Jems portal. If you are interested in closely following the development process, you might consider joining Sprint Review meetings that are organised every second week to demonstrate features developed throughout the sprint. 

To stay up to date with Jems, ask to join the Jems Community, or get your own license agreement, contact the team at Jems[at]


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