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Joining forces in evaluation: launching Interreg’s first evaluation pilots

Programme evaluation and indicators

23 May 24 2 minutes read read

We are excited to announce that Interact, in collaboration with dedicated Interreg programmes, is launching the first three evaluation pilots before summer.

 Initial Pilot Topics.

  •  Harmonized approach to capture & highlight the added value of Interreg. For more information and to register for this pilot, please click here.
  •   ISO1 Key points to evaluate governance achievements taking a more holistic perspective (going beyond sector perspectives). For more information and to register for this pilot, you can click here.
  • TN programmes on territories of MRS: How are the programmes adding value to the MRS and vice versa? For more information and if you wish to register for this pilot, then you can click here.

 This initiative aims to support impact evaluations and facilitate the exchange of perspectives and methods. The pilot exercises adopt a bottom-up approach, allowing participating Interreg programmes to collaboratively select topics, methodologies, and key messages. These exercises are tailored to the specific needs and interests of the participating programmes.

 Objectives of the Pilots:

The participating Interreg programmes will establish a shared understanding of the aims, objectives, and desired outcomes. They will define common evaluation questions, impact pathways, and core messages to communicate to stakeholders and policymakers. Additionally, they will develop and agree on a unified evaluation method and data collection process.

 Interested in joining these collaborative evaluation efforts? Please feel free to sign up at the different kick off events.

Do you want to explore more topics? Sign up by the end of September!

We have added more topics for you to explore. If you would like to join forces with other programmes, please feel free to contact us.

In case you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with us (Daniela Minichberger, Besiana Ninka and Bernhard Schausberger) at:

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