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Jems 10th release completes core development

Monitoring systems Jems

10 April 24 2 mins read

The latest release from Jems marks the end of the core development of the software. The release itself completes the project closure reports, EC Payment application, Annual accounts and more. Having been developed using agile methodology, these final features are added to the already working software.

From its fist release in March 2021, Interact has closely monitored and supported programmes in using Jems. The software was co-created with Interreg, 25 Core Group meetings and almost 100 sprint reviews to date have ensured the software delivers the core functionalities needed by programmes.

The latest release also incorporates community-built solutions, two of which by Interreg Central Europe: Checklists can be selected on Call level, and in the project content report a dropdown for investment status is available. Alpine Space programme contributed with the export for SFC transmission of data table no. 2.

With 52 license agreements signed, Jems powers or inspires the monitoring software of the majority of Interreg programmes. It has supported its license holders in processing thousands of applications since it was first operational.

While core development has ended, further releases will focus on additional developments from the ‘wish list’ of programmes.

You can find out more on the Jems Portal


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