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Session reports published from Interreg Knowledge Fair

Inter programme consultation Interreg Knowledge Fair

08 April 24 3 mins read

Exactly what was discussed, exchanged and agreed at the Interreg Knowledge Fair 2024 in Riga, Latvia has been published on the new Interact website.

Over 3 days, in more than 40 sessions, key aspects of the current challenges facing programmes, as well as exploring the opportunities and challenges for Interreg in the Post 2027 environment were discussed. Given it was impossible for any programme to participate in every session, the published summary reports aim to provide an overview of what was discussed in the room, and what came out of those discussions.

All these documents are available on the Interreg Knowledge Fair event page, as well as in the Interact Library. You can also watch the video from the event here.

This sits alongside a document still under development, which focuses on the key discussion topics for the Post 2027 context. Throughout the 3 days, key themes emerged in the challenges facing Interreg programmes. Interact proposes to focus on a number of specific issues which most directly concern the forthcoming regulatory framework.

Save the date for the next step on the Road to Post 2027

The next milestone event is planned to be in Brussels, between 25 and 29 November 2024, with exact dates and details to be confirmed shortly. This event is organised by DG REGIO and supported by Interact.

This is the second step along the road to Gorizia / Nova Gorica in spring 2025.

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