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Programme own consultations Interreg wide consultation

13 February 24 2 min read

In a few weeks we have our first large-scale exchange between programmes on the future of Interreg at the Interreg Knowledge Fair.  As we know that not every programme is able to attend but we do want the help of every programme to help frame the discussions to ensure the most effective use of in-person time, we ask for a few minutes of your time to complete two surveys by Friday 23 February.


The first survey on post 2027 contains ten question about the broader picture. We also included two questions in this survey about Interact’s future role in support you - as part of our own consultation with our stakeholders!


The second survey is a slightly longer survey, focused on the changes to the communication provisions, and seeking to build a wider understanding of where programmes are.


We would ask, if possible, one response per programme, or one response per programme body where that is not possible.


The two surveys are available here


First reflections on Interreg post 2027


Future of Interreg Brand


Responses by Friday 23 February would be really helpful to us in preparing for the Knowledge Fair, and the surveys will remain open until the end of February in case this deadline is not possible for you.


If you have any questions on either survey, you are welcome to contact kevin.fulcher[at]

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