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De minimis consultation - 10 January deadline

State aid

06 December 22 2 mins read

As part of the ongoing work around State aid and DG Competition's de minimis consultation, Interact invites programmes and cooperation actors to respond to the consultation.

The main proposals published by DG Competition, would change the de minimis regulation from 1 January 2024, and include: 

  • Increasing threshold to EUR 275 000 and for road freight transport to EUR 137 500
  • Requring Member States to publish electronically all information on de minimis granted by the Member State on the internet in its own central register, or in a register at the Union level
  • Implementing any new national new register within 6 months of the legisation taking effect. 

The consultation is open until 10 January 2023, and programmes are encouraged to make their own submissions on the consultation page

Read Time: 2 mins