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Join our webinar "Post 2027: Interreg consulting citizens & stakeholders"

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15 January 24 2 min read

A joint invitation from Interact and colleagues from Interreg units in DG Regio. Join our webinar “post 27: Interreg consulting citizens and stakeholders” on 23 February 2024 from 10.30 - 12:45 CET. This webinar is a follow up on the Briefing on the future of Interreg: Post 27 we had on 1 December 2023. Interreg programmes are for people and ideally people should have a say when it comes to the debate on future Interreg.
We want to exchange with you on possible approaches to consultation with citizens in your programme areas. We consider it one of the most interesting elements of the consultation process ahead of us in 2024.
We invite an expert for public consultation to this meeting to share insights and tips and we invite colleagues to share their thoughts, concerns and questions.

You can find more about this webinar and the link to registration here

In case you missed the webinar “Briefing on the future of Interreg: post 27” You can watch the recording here

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