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Become an expert storyteller in Interreg

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27 October 23 3 min read

Are you an expert Storyteller? No? Do you want to be?

The last few spaces on our Storytelling in Interreg certified training are available...

For an investment of 18 hours, we will train you in how to use storytelling methodology to make sure all the hours you put into your communication is effective.

The course includes a physical training, taking place on 6 December in Munich.

Storytelling is a proven method to ensure communication is engaging and lands with audiences. It is one of the most essential skills for those taking on communication and visibilty tasks, in order to make sure we don't use the approach that drives our formal reporting when we try and share the achievements of our programmes and projects with wider audiences. 

Of course, you can also use these skills to make your formal reports even more interesting reading!!

For more information, see the course details here.

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