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Interreg Slam 2023

Interreg Slam

28 August 23 4 min read

We are delighted to share with you the upcoming Interreg SLAM event, a celebration of cooperation, innovation, and skill-building across regions. This european initiative encompasses a series of insightful videos, a voting opportunity for your favorite skill Interreg projects via Facebook, and a grand finale that promises excitement and surprises.

SLAM Videos:

Prepare to be inspired by the outstanding 5 Interreg projects that have left a lasting impact on our regions in the framework of the European Year of Skills:

  • Senza Confini - Education and Training Network: Boosting skills recognition and sustainable training practices.
  • TiCHron: Empowering young people with chronic diseases through awareness tools and improved health-related skills.
  • UPDATE: Unleashing STEAM education with robotics, AI, and more in schools.
  • Interactive Youth Map: Young minds crafting an interactive map for alternative tourism.
  • POCTEP projects: Transforming skills through cross-border cooperation and innovation.

We will soon launch the SLAM 2023 Social Media Competition on Facebook, where we will publish the 5 finalist videos, and you will be welcome to participate in the public vote.

SLAM Finale and Interreg Annual Event:

Mark your calendars for a spectacular culmination on October 26th from 12:00 to 13:30 CET. Join us in Santiago de Compostela for the SLAM Finale at the Interreg Annual Event. Five finalists will take the stage, showcasing their projects' impact, creativity, and cooperation. We're honored to welcome Elisa Ferreira, the Commissioner of DG REGIO, to join us for this special occasion.

For more details and to book your spot, please visit the Interreg Annual Event link

It is the opportunity to witness the power of cooperation and skills in driving positive change across regions.

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