Cooperation can be complex;
our job is to make it easier.

Cross-border obstacles

Tackling cross border obstacles and improving the lives of people living in cross border areas are core tasks of Interreg programmes. Two core examples of these obstacles are public transport and healthcare in cross border areas. Basic obstacles include things like the validity of transit tickets in border regions, as well as the ability to access the nearest healthcare facilities in a cross-border areas.

Interact works and supports exchange between Interreg programmes and other bodies active in tackling such obstacles, such as the Committee of the Regions, Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) and the Commission.  

Where to start 

The Commission publication on B-solutions: Solving border obstacles offers an overview of cross border obstacles and offers a number of case studies in tackling them.

What we are working on

Interact is facilitating the exchange of information with programmes. A session at the Interreg Knowledge Fair will enable the presentation of AEBR's B-solution platform to Interreg programmes, and offer an opportunity to exchange on this subject.