Cooperation can be complex;
our job is to make it easier.

Baltic Sea

Interact facilitates the exchange of information, ideas and practice between programmes working around the Baltic Sea. These programmes have a strong cooperation, and included the pioneering programmes of Index (LINK).

Who this network is for

This network is aimed at MA/JS staff and other involved stakeholders who can support exchange, cooperation and synergies between the porgrammes, the EU strategy for the Batlic Sea Region, and other EU funds active in the area.  

What we are working on

A network meeting will take place in June and autumn 2024 to enable the exchange of experience, focusing on joint topics such as, e.g., exchange on planned capitalisation calls allowing exchange between projects financed by different programmes, getting to know the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region coordinators, and other topics identified nearer the time.

The use of the Index tool will continue to be reviewed, and its use in cross programme cooperation is an ambition Interact hopes to explore with this network. 


For more information please contact Monika Balode.

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