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How to communicate effectively?

Programme communication capacity

03 May 23 3 min read

If you are working in the communication field but did not major in communications, don’t worry. This short guide will give you the key elements that you should take into account when communicating an Interreg story.

The publication is a compendium of the most important contents taught in Journalism and in other masters focused on communication management. It contains, among others, some basic journalism principles that should apply when writing articles and pieces of news, tips on how to deal with the media, the key elements of a good story and an evaluation model to assess your communication activities. 

Communication officers develop a crucial task –far more difficult than any other technical job. The work required to prepare a communication product that interests our target groups is really challenging. This mini-guide aims to make your daily (professional) lives a bit easier. 



Publication I The Journalism mini-guide

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