Cooperation can be complex;
our job is to make it easier.

Interreg by Interact

Part of Interact's core tasks is to enable the collation of Interreg results and impacts, and to present the individual actions of programmes and projects in a more comprehensive way. Interreg by Interact is an identity used by Interact to represent the collated achievements of Interreg.

Several Interact projects work along this track, and more information about them will be added shortly.

Where to start

Interact developed the Harmonised Brand for Interreg, which forms the basis of Interact's work. Through the Interreg Cooperation Day campaign, the Interreg Slam and other activities Interact highlights the contribution of Interreg to improving the lives of Europeans.

Interact's policy networks also provide the basis for Interreg's actors and achievements to connect with wider policy actors in the EU, and beyond. 

Interact also maintains a database of every programme, project and partner of Interreg since the year 2000 in the database. 

What we are working on

Please see pages related to Interreg Cooperation Day, the Interreg Slam, and more to find out more about Interact's work.