Matrix of costs 2021-2027 – help us to shape it!

Monday, 14 November, 2022


The 2021-2027 eligibility costs fact sheets were published this year. With the programming in full swing, we would like to launch the work on the practical side of eligibility – a collection of the real-life examples.  We want to update the 2014-2020 matrix of costs and prepare the 2021-2027 edition of the document. To do this, we would appreciate your help.

To collect various eligibility cases, we would like to invite interested programmes to join us in this work. We will limit the number of participants to up to two representatives per Interreg programme (staff from MA/JS and controllers) to allow for effective exchanges and discussions.

The work will be organised online and in a dedicated online community, Eligibility of expenditures. Programmes that are not involved in the work will be able to follow the progress of the project in the online community and via regular updates in the CBC and TN/ INT finance networks’ meetings. After the first version of the matrix is done, the document will be updated on a regular basis with new examples and interesting cases. 

If your programme like to join us in this work, please reach out to Grzegorz Gołda ( ) or Iuliia Kauk (

 The work on the matrix of costs will start in the second part of January 2023.

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