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ENcalculation method - verifiable
DEverifizierte Berechnungsmethode
calculation method - verifiable
A verifiable calculation method is a method of determining flat rates, standard scales of unit costs or lump sums that is based on documentary evidence, which can be verified. When establishing simplified cost options, they must be done in advance and be fair, equitable and verifiable. (HIT)
ENcall for proposals
DEAufruf zur Einreichung von Projektvorschlägen
call for proposals
Calls for proposals is a mechanism whereby a selection process is launched to choose candidates/projects on a competitive basis. Actors are invited to submit project proposals. Calls for proposals are publicly announced. Information is provided on the type of projects that will be considered for funding and on specific conditions to be met in each Call for Proposals. Only part of the proposed projects will pass the selection test.
ENcandidate country
DEBeitrittskandidat, Beitrittsland
candidate country
A candidate country is a country negotiating to join the EU, prospective or aspiring or would-be members, EU contenders, possible/likely/potential future member countries.
ENcapitalisation of results
DEKapitalisierung von Ergebnissen
capitalisation of results
Capitalisation of results is a process of capturing, analysing and using the results to support their (re-)use and/or their transfer, ultimately promoting improved performance and delivery.
ENcash flow
cash flow
In accounting, cash flow is the difference in the amount of cash available at the beginning of a period (opening balance) and the amount at the end of that period (closing balance). It is called positive if the closing balance is higher than the opening balance, otherwise it is called negative.
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