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Workshop on SPF Mechanics

Tuesday, 14 December, 2021
Online 09:30 - 12:15 CET

The provisions of Article 25 clearly describe the responsibilities of the MA and an SPF beneficiary. The provisions in the Article brought about obvious changes and options for simplifications; some responsibilities haven’t changed, some well-known practices and standards require to be overhauled and, finally, some elements in the mechanism have to be designed from scratch.

The functionalities of SPF management should be efficient and function well. We would like to work together on these, to dismantle inefficient elements no longer required, and (re)build the SPF mechanism. This means investigating every single cogwheel, learning from each other and, finally, searching for solutions, improvements and simplifications. 

Our starting point is the mandatory requirements described in Article 25(3). What are the prerequisites of smooth and flawless cooperation between the MA and an SPF beneficiary? What are the elements that support or hamper smooth assessment and the selection process? How different is it for one or many SPFs, implemented by one or many SPF beneficiaries?

Further on in the work, we would like to jointly search for some implicit elements that are crucial to smooth SPF management.

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Contact: Grzegorz Golda
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