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Message in a Bottle: Communication across Macro-regional Strategies

Tuesday, 18 September, 2018
Izola, Slovenia


Throughout the implementation phase of the four macro-regional strategies (MRS), a need has emerged to enhance their information flows both in terms of

  • Internal communication: Better exchange of information within the governance mechanisms of MRS, and also across MRS;
  • External communication: Provide the wider public (citizens, stakeholders, media) with relevant information about the results and aims of MRS, in order to strengthen a common and shared identity related to the respective macro-region.


Considering the existing initiatives and the joint annual work plan of Interact, it is proposed to develop a stable and sustainable process/platform for communication in the framework of future capacity building activities for all four MRS, or other relevant activities. Moreover, the workshop intends to establish a platform that fosters and streamlines the communication activities across macro-regional strategies and enhances their exchange of experience.

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