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Improving Synergies across the Mediterranean for post 2020 III. HOW?

Monday, 25 January, 2021 to Tuesday, 26 January, 2021
Online- From 9.00 - 12.00 CET each day

There is a need for programmes around the Mediterranean Sea basin to improve their synergies and to reinforce interprogramme cooperation. This will ensure a higher impact of the resources implemented in the territory. For such coordination to be efficient and realist, the ground should be set during the programming process in order to have a smooth development in its implementation.


In the Mediterranean area, 2 meetings took place so far: The first one, last June, the focus was on "WHAT  theme to work jointly" and the second, last September, on "WHO does what" to ensure programme inter-coordination. 

This third meeting, in January 2020, will focus on "How to improve interprogramme coordination across Interreg programmes in the Mediterranean". Considering the following elements: 

  • Existing Interreg interprogramme coordination initiatives in and out the Mediterranean area.
  • Existing territorial frameworks in the area: EUSAIR and WESTMED.
  • Nature of the different programmes Transnational and CBC (Interreg Internal bordes, Interreg NEXT and Interreg IPA.) 
  • Definition and shape of common text to fill in section 1.2 and of their Cooperation programmes.

Registration link is not facilitated since this meeting is under invitation.

Publication | Coordination and cooperation: how can we achieve these in Interreg?
Report | Synergies in the Mediterranean_ Who does What | Interact
Video | Arctic Cooperation. Christopher Parker, Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme
Contact: Mercedes Acitores
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