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Finalise your intervention logic & methodology paper

Tuesday, 19 January, 2021
Online 13.00 - 15.30 CET

The previous discussions about the programme objectives, performance framework and indicators for the period 2021-2027 have been summarised in a Commission staff-working document on the performance monitoring and evaluation (SWD; still a draft at this stage). In the event we will introduce the document and we will try to provide final clarifications for your intervention logic and methodology paper.  

Besides that, during the event we will also give you an update on the current activities of the DG REGIO Evaluation Network such as the  study on data monitoring and monitoring systems, the plans for the ex-post evaluation 2014-2020, and the review of the evaluations undertaken for the current programming period by the Evaluation Helpdesk.

Finally, we would like to give you some feedback on the indicator harmonization efforts. In order to aggregate data and tell a common story of Interreg we started to support the harmonisation process for programme specific indicators, i.e in the field of capacity building for transnational programmes covered by macro-regional strategies and also for  other Policy Objectives (”How to harmonise programme specific indicators” event, 18.11.2020).

Throughout the event, David Alba (Evaluation and European Semester Unit) will be present and share with us his expertise on these topics.

As preparation for the event we encourage you to watch following videos, which display different approaches to drafting the intervention logic and setting up the target setting for the indicators:

Marta Slezak-Warszycka (Interreg Baltic Sea Region)

Anca Radu (Interreg IPA CBC RO-RS)

Iveta Puzo (Tesim)

In addition, have a look at our Q&A document Hands on Intervention Logic, where we already answer many general questions related to the Intervention Logic.

The target group of the meeting are managers from Joint Secretariats and Managing Authorities involved in the preparation of the 2021-2027 programmes.

Video | Intervention logic in ENI CBC programmes | Iveta Puzo, TESIM
Video | Building the Intervention Logic | Anca Radu, IPA CBC RO-SR
Video | Intervention logic and indicators in Interreg Baltic Sea Region | Marta Slezak-Warszycka, Interreg BSR
Presentation | Finalise your intervention logic & methodology paper
Contact: Daniela Minichberger
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