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The concept of “Capitalisation” in Interreg 2020+

Thursday, 3 December, 2020
Online 9.30 - 12.30 CET

Following the release of the  Capitalisation Management Guide, Interact would like to explore the concept of “Capitalisation” in Interreg programmes in the period post-2020. We aim to achieve this by combining the main results of the guide, with successful case studies already in place. The goal of this event is both to train and to inspire more programmes in the use of the capitalisation approaches described in the guide.

This online event on Capitalisation is intended to explore and answer the main doubts and concerns of Interreg programmes practitioners in charge of capitalisation activities.

Answers will be linked to the existing Capitalisation Management Guide and the “Capitalisation Toolkit” for its implementation. Together, we will explore the main items of the guide, and will discover a series of case studies already in implementation by Interreg programmes. All these inputs will be relevant for the release of future Interact products for post-2020 programmes (on-line course, events, etc.).

This event foresees an active contribution from all participants. We encourage that participants ask and share with other participants their main findings and challenges regarding the capitalisation processes. Participants are encouraged to contact Interact if they identify a topic on the agenda for which they would be willing to share their practice/experience, as well as to propose other topics of interest.

This online event on Capitalisation is addressed to Interreg, Interreg IPA-CBC and ENI CBC programmes’ staff from the Joint Secretariats, Managing Authorities and other relevant programme bodies (NCPs, MC Members, etc.) who are directly involved in capitalisation work and activities.

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