INTERACT Point Turku

Aisling Walsh

Photo | Aisling ENPI Project Officer INTERACT Point Turku/ENPI Point Turku

Baiba Liepa

Photo | Baiba Liepa

Project Manager to support the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, INTERACT Point Turku

Carlos Bolanos


Carole Souville

Project Manager, INTERACT ENPI

Gabriel Alvarez

Photo | Gabriel Alvarez

Communication Officer, INTERACT Point Turku

Iveta Puzo

Project Manager, INTERACT ENPI

Janne Kiilunen

Photo | Janne Kiilunen

Project Officer | INTERACT Point Turku

Malgorzata Zdunek

Photo | Malgorzata Zdunek

Project Manager | Financial Management | INTERACT Point Turku

Philipp Schwartz

Photo | Philipp Schwartz

Project Manager (Programme and Project Management), INTERACT Point Turku

Rafael Agostinho

Photo | Rafael Agostinho

Project Manager, KEEP & Capitalisation | INTERACT Point Turku