Interact supports knowledge exchange through our networks. Each network has a specific purpose and operates in order to meet address it.

Some networks provide an active forum for information exchange on our Communities platform, others host annual, or more regular meetings to discuss hot topics.

Find out more about our networks below, reach out to our network leaders to find out more, or to ask about joining the network and participating in its activities.


Audit Authorities
Certifying Authorities
Eligibility of expenditure
Financial management
Finance officers of Transnational and Interregional programmes
National Control (FLC)
Regional network of financial officers in North West Europe
State aid
Support to Audit Authorities

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring systems
Informal working group on indicators


Interreg communication officers
Transnational and Interregional communication


Better governance
Climate change
Knowledge of the seas
Inclusive growth network
Sustainable transport

Harmonised tools

HIT Core Group
European Cooperation Day
eMS user group
Keep 2.0

Innovative cooperation

Cooperation in Mainstream programmes (Art. 96.3d)
Transnational programmes supporting macro-regional strategies

Networks of programmes

Regional network in Central and South East Europe
Interreg IPA-CBC
Transnational and Interregional project officers
Interregional programmes
Med Lab Group
Outermost Regions Interreg Programmes