The eMS is a free of charge electronic monitoring system provided by Interact to all interested programmes who sign the license agreement. If needed, programmes can adapt the system to their own specificities. The system was designed by Interact in close collaboration with a core group of 4 Interreg programmes and developed by an external IT provider. An extended group of some 25 observing Interreg programmes is also kept informed on the progress of the project.

All of the requested functionalities have beed delivered and the system was accepted in September 2015. Interact and eMS users are still testing the system and can request bug fixing and improvments of existing funtions. Of course, further developments are still possible after the acceptance and Interact plans to continue improving the eMS over the entire programming period.

As of May 2016, 33 Interreg programmes (including Interreg-IPA CBC and ENI CBC) signed the license agreement and are either testing or already using the system. Around 15 programmes are already using the eMS for their calls for proposals and/or reporting.

Demo version

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