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Preparation cost lump sum for programmes WITH historic data

Tuesday, 20 October, 2020
Online 09:45 - 12:15 CET

Outline & objectives
This meeting offers the possibility to exchange and discuss approaches for establishing a methodology for a preparation cost lump sum and is targeted at programmes that do have historic programme data for this exercise.

Following the interesting discussions in the SCO event in Bratislava and the online workshop in July, Interact wants to follow-up and move the discussion forward (if possible). In the aforementioned meetings, it became clear that it might be the best to group programmes being in a similar situation and exchange on possible methodologies. This is why we are proposing to have a dedicated meeting with interested programmes that have historic data to base their lump sum upon. 

The objective of the meeting is to give room to programmes to discuss the state of play for their preparation cost lump sum and to exchange on open points as well as problems which require solving. The focus of this meeting should be on establishing a sound methodology.

Target group 

This event is for MA/JS staff of programmes currently establishing or planning to establish a lump sum for preparation costs, based on historic programme data.

Presentation | Preparation cost lump sum for programmes WITH historic data
Contact: Katja Ecke
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