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Post eMS – Future of the Interreg monitoring system

Thursday, 11 April, 2019
Vienna, Austria

Interact has started preparing for the future in order to be able to provide a new monitoring system in time, should we get approval from our Monitoring Committee to do so. The goal is to be able to procure and develop a new system in time for the new programming period. Initial views include making the new system more streamlined, bringing the technological up-to-date and eliminating known systemic issues.

During the meeting, we will present the Interact proposal for the new project and the envisioned timeline.  There will be ample opportunity to discuss the proposal as well as common goals for the future monitoring system and how we could structure its development to best involve programmes.

Based on the proposed legal package and our experience with the eMS, we will start identifying potential features needed to make a new system effective in addressing challenges of the 2021-2028 period.

Programmes which do not use eMS are also invited to join programmes that do, so we can all contribute to the discussion on the future of the common monitoring system.

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