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2nd Conference: Let’s practice capitalisation!

Wednesday, 13 June, 2018 to Thursday, 14 June, 2018
Alicante, Spain

After the 1st capitalisation conference of June 2018, several needs have been raised by programmes, especially in the contest of making the use of capitalisation serving a wider programme management perspective.

In this sense, capitalisation could support the preparation and definition of Interreg Programmes post-2020 and its use has to be recognised since the beginning of the next programming period, as a mandatory element, to strengthen the generation and promotion of results.

That’s why Interact continues with its support to programmes (including Interreg IPA-CBC and ENI), and with this 2nd conference in order to develop tailored models and services, as well as templates for the definition of capitalisation strategies for Interreg and co-operation programmes, by learning from previous experiences.


The conference has the objective to:

  1. Share the latest work on capitalisation approaches and practices available in Interreg programmes
  2. Identify the concrete needs of programmes and set the basis, objectives and needs for a “Capitalisaition Toolkit”
  3. Define the structures, features and steps for the consolidation of the “Capitalisaition Toolkit” composed of several harmonised templates
  4. Set-up a working group of programmes who are interested in exploiting the “Capitalisation Toolkit” for their implementation.

Building on these points, Interreg programmes are invited to exchange and define on the possible support and tools needed for using concretely capitalisation approaches in the programme life-cycle.

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Contact: Ivano Magazzù
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